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The🐘 In The Room 🛋️
As you may know, the play-to-earn space has been plateauing since early 2022, active players have shrunk by 25% while transaction volume fell by 73.4%.

Zooming out, we see an ocean of quickly developed games, cheesy graphics and uninspiring content wrapped around hyper-inflationary tokens😵‍💫. In comparison to traditional games, P2E has been attracting more degens seeking gains than gamers. Thus creating a false narrative jeopardizing the greater vision.

Grando exists as a beacon to the promise land of gaming. Where GameFi becomes simply just gaming and earning is a natural by-product of your time & effort. We gather to index and audit long-term, high quality web3 gaming projects.

Diamonds In The Rough.

Community Driven.

We discuss, vette and get to the bottom of emerging projects in the space. From idea to launch we need to know.

Audit & Earn.

Earn community tokens by posting news and gameplay clips of notable titles. Hop into chats, ask questions and poke holes. Join us in creating a powerful research-tool through compelling content.🤩

Bluechip Games

We're looking for the diamonds in the rough and we need your help to do the digging.

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Awesome Image

Build With The Bear.

As dollar first games wan and wane, all-star devs creating spectacular titles will distinguish themselves from the crowd.

  • Get on the ground floor of the grandest gaming titles in the space.
  • Dive into project telegrams & amas(Ask me anythings) as a unit. learn as you go, track releases and join audits.
  • Rank up by paricipating in the hunt for gems. Boost the amount of tokens you earn by posting, commenting and voting.
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